Memory Loop

This piece explores memory and place as a layered condition. Using my laptop desktop as a canvas, I juxtapose a series of video clips, with screen recordings, and found footage. Each piece of the assemblage is a small moment of action or observation. By looping the videos, the piece is intended as a reflective experience of searching — through motion, memory, and moment. Because the videos run at different lengths, each loop sets up a subtly new and different relationship between the material. This echoes the way memories, or our understanding and recollection of them, shift and change over time. The central image was created in SketchUp, and refers to the way the past can be archived and accessed and explored through both memory and motion.

The soundtrack for this piece is Zoe Keating's "Legions (War)," from her 2005 release One Cello x 16: Natoma.